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14 March 2009 @ 03:53 am
 Moving to [info]icecream_parade.

Feel free to add up. :)
15 June 2008 @ 01:49 am
I like lists. They're strangely comforting, and service the insomniac greatly. Here's what I want to do this sem, all significantly mundane:

1. Finish my pool of short stories in time for submission to the English department's creative thesis panel. (!)

2. Get published a bit moar to earn monies. (!!)

3. Learn how to work Ubuntu properly so I'll have some idea of what ryvaeus and my dad talk about when they fix my computer (But eh. What's gnu*), instead of just being in the middle and hearing nothing but code and jargon. >___>

4. Eat less/work out moar. staykool was right; relationships make you fat. XDD

5. Get awesome QPI--meaning nothing below a 3. >___>

6. Do more good/do less bad.

7. Read moar. Holy crap, the only book I finished over the summer was George R. R. Martin's A Clash of Kings. *embarrassedface*

8. Figure out senior thesis (*cue seppuku music*), i.e, senior conference paper. I have two good ones I wouldn't mind doing the librarywork for, but I want to run them by the man who inspired them. ^^

9. Balance org with school and life. I've never been active in the first, and I doubt I've ever had the last. XDD


11. BEAT OUR RECORD FOR LAST NIGHT ON EARTH. (!!!!) Obviously, the more exclamation points, the crazier the idea.

12. Clean my room so it doesn't look like I rent it out mornings to 7,000 monkeys with ADHD.

13. Do more photoshoots. Paging Ina Escueta.

14. Obtain more pretty dresses and shoes. The list is also getting girlier as it progresses, or so it would seem.

15. Find a cross necklace and cross earrings. You never know when your town's gonna be overrun by vampires.

16. Get a @#%*ing plaid skirt that doesn't show half the world my southern hemisphere every time I farking move.

(All the first words of every number sound like something out of an old LucasArts point-and-click-er, I just noticed. And a lot of them involve looking for items and claiming them as my own. Ich bin ein kapitalism!)

17. Become a Game Crab regular.

18. Do backups of files on Imoen (my computer), so tearing my hair out every time she plays dead won't be an option. Anymore.

19. Arrange/romanize/translate all music files on Imoen.

20. Go to Dumaguete for the break.

*OMG ryvaeus, don't shoot me. O:
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I will miss the spark in your eyes when we discuss your favorite poems in class. Especially when the poem is about heartbreak (as many of the poems are), I wonder if it's happened to you before.

When you got sick, I told some other kids about it. They said just because you were a legend didn't mean you weren't human. That thought never occured to me.

If I'd known this would be coming, I would've shown you my best, and not half-hearted attempts at coherence spawned the night before the submission date. You deserved better.

There are so many things I want to say, but it'll all come out either really weird, or really cheesy (Well, aren't we all beating on cracked kettles, hoping with our music to move the stars? :), but perhaps Robert Frost says it best:

Ah, when to the heart of man
Was it ever less than a treason
To go with the drift of things,
To yield with a grace to reason,
And bow and accept the end
Of a love or a season?

I will miss you very, very much, Sir Max. ;_____;

(Even if I will technically see you around--I think--retiring is still retiring.)
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20 March 2008 @ 01:19 am
To set up for the huge, awesome Starcraft: The Board Game er, game, Josh and ryvaeus had to move a coffee table, the top of which kind of came off.

batongbituin: Oh my God. Can that be fixed?
Josh: Oo, may alignment 'yan.
batongbituin: Ano? Good?
ryvaeus: Oh my God, Tala. You're such a geek.

Well, alignment is not an oft-used word?
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15 March 2008 @ 03:33 pm
My mom: What is the lesson to be learned from Juno?
Me: Use protection.

Cue spiel/lecture about how teenage pregnancy screws up lives. XDD
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07 December 2007 @ 12:21 am
Copy pasted from lazy_dream: Write something nice about a friend, that you'd never say to their face because it's too sappy, or you've just never thought of telling them. No names will be mentioned.

1. You make me a better person, and I love you for it.
2. I've only started to talk to you, and even if it seems a bit odd, this is helping me grow up. I really appreciate how you listen to me rant. And I've never forgotten the help you gave me on that Psych project I had in second year. I did so well on that because of your help, I got exempted from the finals. I still owe you a hug. But after that hug's claimed, there will be more to come. :)
3. Thank you for driving me home when our schedules match up. It really feels like we're related. I've always wanted a brother!
4. I've always suspected you liked me. When we were classmates, it felt really good having you around. You made me belong, somehow, even though we stuck out in class. I miss you a lot.
5. I'd be you if I were a boy.
6. I tell people a lot of things, but I tell you more things than anyone else. You help me grow up.
7. We've been spending a lot of time together lately. I see you nearly every day now! I regret not going to the movies with you guys over the past three years.
8. The Lolita video was one of the best academic reports I've ever been a part of. We may not see eye to eye all the time, but I'm glad to have you on the team. Here's to more future endeavors. Also. I think you're a good writer.
9. I feel ugly next to you. I feel like your PA when we're together. I hope you'll become famous, like you want to be.
10. You make me laugh so, so much. I can be myself around you. You're quite the gentleman, too.
11. You are an amazing person, even though you insist on the opposite of what I always say. I couldn't imagine living the kind of life you have. Thank you for trusting me.
12. You're so far away. And even though we were together before you left, I don't think you know how much I love you, even though that's how we always used to part ways. I'm so comfortable with you, I'm so myself with you. The next three years will be different without you, but here's to hoping that they'll be full of good vibes. I can't wait for your stories.
13. I like how we grew up. I like how we turned out. I wish we grew up together, but the end results were good, too. I'd marry you if I could, even though your temper scares the bejeezus out of me.
14. Since our dads didn't exactly discuss who was going to have kids when, we're the oldest in our generation. I enjoy and miss our witty banter over sushi at Zensho; we're like a regular Beatrice and Benedick when we're together. I'm sorry I haven't been to any of your concerts. And we're separated by a STREET. Let's stop telling each other we need to go out and just do it. :)
15. Your frankness is admirable. If only for our business and The Club, I miss senior year of high school. I'm really glad you texted me about meeting up before Christmas. It's been too long.
16. I just like looking at you every day. You're so refreshing to look at. And yeah, you're smart, too.
17. My life has been colorful since I've known you. My taste in clothing evolved because of you, and certainly some of my hobbies as well. I don't regret anything. We're so silly when we're together. I love it, and I love you.
18. I love how we call each other 'dear.' You're SO patient, even though you're always so stressed out. And you're such a hard worker, too. I couldn't have survived teaching those kids without such an awesome partner.
19. You satisfy the geekiness in me. You're the only person I can talk to about Japanese pop culture, beyond the idols and bubblegum music, although I don't mind talking about those. Keep those links coming.
20. You're so pretty, sweetie. I hope things get better for you.
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01 October 2007 @ 08:41 pm
Just so I don't have to wrack my brain every time someone asks, "What do you want for your birthday/Christmas?" (Both of which are coming up, poke poke.)

1. Turquoise vinyl peeptoe flats from People R People Haha. Thanks Kuya Joe.
2. Red vinyl pumps from People R People
3. Red vinyl peeptoe flats THANK YOU SO MUCH, C. I LOVE you.
4. Team Manila bag (Nothing with the guy with an Afro or the words 'Funk Soul Brother,' please! And as big as my Salvador Dali bag. A new schoolbag would be nice!) Thanks again, Kuya Joe. :D
5. A schoolbag like the one Amanda Bynes had in Hairspray. I'm in love with it!
6. Dresses. Gahd. Anything flattering on me
7. Quill and inkwell
8. Makeup from Clinique (haha, ASA.) HAHA. I love you, Anj.
9. Vinyl belt I can use with jeans (red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise) Thanks, me. XDD
10. Bras from Bench. For serious. I heart their designs! (Pretty designs please! Nothing ordinary, but patterns that aren't too busy.)
11. Tartan schoolgirl miniskirt (But nothing too short either)

My shoe size is 7 1/2, but I can squeeze into a 7. Although sometimes PRP sizes are weird. I'm an XS/S for dresses, and the same goes for the miniskirt, unless it's a hipster. Lawl. Unless you're buying me bras for real, I'm not posting my measurements! XDD

Wow. I seriously think I'm going to get ANY of these things. Delusions of wanteur!
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04 July 2007 @ 12:25 am
I'm having a hard time picking a picture to submit to the Nana Day Philippines cosplay con. Maybe you guys can help? If you're familiar with the series, don't just look at the aesthetics (or lack of it? XDD). Which is most Hachi? Comment please!

Be warned. Pictures aplenty! O:

Cosplaying is the best thing a girl can do without taking her clothes offCollapse )

Thank you to archangel_dream, Ina Escueta, Rainey Sarmiento, and teirllewelyn for the pics. :D
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02 July 2007 @ 09:11 pm
I don't want to be a Lit major anymore. I'm too stupid for it. And people laugh at me because they kick my ass, repeatedly.

It's not like I don't read. Because, goddamn, I *read* Keats' Sylvan Historian. READ IT. But what is T.S. Eliot's complaint? I don't fucking know. And it's not an off day. Everyday, every goddamn MWF, has felt like a fucking off day. I can't contribute to any of my classes (apart from JSP104, where I am forced to), and, on occasion, Hi165. June was a joke. Only I can make my July better.

I told myself, "Get your shit together. You're not like this."

But what if I am really stupid? I am nothing in front of Max Pulan. He's called me twice and on each occasion, my brain decides to take a holiday and leave an incompetent SOM student in its place. I am no one's favorite student. And on the rare occasion that I *do* know the answer, someone else gets to speak up.

I was Wiki-ing late into the night, and I read that Zhang Ziyi cried every morning and every night she went to dance school in Beijing, because she was so intimidated by her classmates. So I tell myself, "There's no shame in crying because you're stupid/incompetent."

This is my wakeup call. I need to grow up really quick. And get a harder, better, faster, stronger, brain.

Or I should just shift to History or IS.
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24 June 2007 @ 11:19 am
batongbituin: Why does our cosplay involve danger and far off lands? Parang DND na to.
archangel_dream: XD We should chronicle our adventures, shouldn't we.
batongbituin: Cosplayer's log, day 1. Rolled a 2 and got robbed in Tondo en route to dressmaker's. Had to carry archangel_dream across the river, where we were promptly kidnapped by the NPA. Eventful day. End log.

Unlike archangel_dream, I'm still freaking out over trivialities like hair, makeup, and engagement ring. And I still don't know what my dress looks like so no shoes, either.

If anyone wants to tag along on Saturday (the 30th) and use their DSLR skillz on willing models, the itinerary is Ateneo-Cubao-Makati, and we start at 2. Venue pics under the cut:

From now on, this cabbage will be your friend.Collapse )
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